“I run the world”— Kanye West claims he is God in recent interview

Kanye West Claims He’s ‘god’ In New Interview

Kanye West has been trending since his controversial interview on Justin LaBoy’s podcast. In a new cut that’s now making rounds online, Ye claims he’s ‘god’ and that he runs the world.

”What a man thinks.. he is.. so we’re not the slaves, we  are the kingdom and I’m the head of the kingdom. I am ‘god’ no one can suggest sh*t to me.. period,” Ye said in the clip.

“I’ll just tell you some real type of sh*t.. god runs the world. I am god I run the world,” Kanye added and Justin LaBoy burst into laughter. “Why that be so funny to you? Is like it makes you feel uncomfortable..” the rapper said to the host.
“It’s like when they came in and just put gun on the table and they start laughing.. there’s no gun on the table.. it’s really there.. this is god,” he added.

Kanye’s claim has since caused an uproar among fans, garnering mixed reactions. “Y’all gon learn to stop playing with God!” someone commented. “He’s the reason l’m passing mental health this semester. This is called grandiosity and is typically seen in bipolar patients especially when they experience a manic episode,” another person wrote.

“Grandiose delusions, are a common symptom of bipolar disorder (BD) that can include an exaggerated sense of one’s importance, power, knowledge, or identity. It’s not funny, it’s not a game, it’s actually tragic,” someone else shared.

“We are all made in God’s image. God is within us, therefore we are God to an extent. Once dat connection is made and vou become one with da creator you’ll operate at a higher frequency IYKYK,” another user added.

During the same interview, Ye previewed his verse on the “Like That” remix, jokingly shared his interest in having a threesome with Michelle Obama and also claimed Drake has a rich baby daddy named Lucian and Universal.

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