Alexis Skyy’s Friend Anthony Says Mendeecess Is Cheating On Yandy Smith

Alexis Skyy’s Friend Anthony Claims Mendeecess Is Cheating On Yandy Smith From Love & Hip Hop

Alexis Skyy was recently on live with her friend Anthony, who made some scathing claims on Love and Hip Hop’s couple Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith.

According to Anthony, Mendeecees is cheating on Yandy Smith. “Mendeecees has been cheating on Yandy since they got on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” he said while on live with Alexis Skyy.

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“And I know a couple women that he was looking at  while I was at T.I’s house about a year ago. Let me tell you something, Yandy ain’t exciting him no more.. Let me tell you something, Mendeecees is cheating on Yandy on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” he claimed.


Anthony continued, “Yandy, Mendeecees is cheating on you .. Alexis don’t know about it but guess what, I told her about it. So guess what honey, you need to keep you man on lockdown cause ever since he moved up that house honey, he be f*cking anything else.”“Yandy is washed up girl.. but I thing a small place at her restaurant is good. I like Yandy, but Yandy you need to do a better job at choosing men. Mendeecees is cheating on you girl,” he said, adding that he want to come to her restaurant for a free plate.

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Earlier this month, a video surfaced of Mendeecees and Yandy discussing their relationship via FaceTime. In the clip, Smith notes that Mendeecees believes she is “trying to be too independent.”

Then, she goes on to compare their relationship to that of fellow ‘Love & Hip Hop’ castmates Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, who came to a “dark place” in their union. “And I just don’t want that for us,” Smith tells Mendeecees who responded saying they “are in a dark place.”

The producer then asked if the commitment is keeping them more than love right now. “Absolutely, 1,000 percent,” he replied. “This s**t is supposed to be forever, but it don’t have to be forever.”

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