Tammy Rivera Wants A Threesome With Ex Husband Waka Flocka — Gets Dragged By Commentators

Now that Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have their marriage in a better place than it was a few years ago, the singer revealed that she is open to exploring in the bedroom. The exact thing that she wants to try definitely got social media buzzing.

As you probably already know, Tammy and Waka’s marriage went through several rough patches when he was exposed for being unfaithful multiple times.

Tammy publicly reacted to the scandals and the rapper had to put in a lot of work in order to get back to a better place.

This is why many were surprised that Rivera recently revealed that she wants a threesome with another girl and her man.

On Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Tammy explained that Waka already had his fun so why can’t she have hers?

‘I’m the more open one, like the more free one. People would think that it’s Waka, but it’s me. [I’d be down for a threesome,] if he would give me one, b****! He won’t give me one! I think it’s so selfish, ’cause, ‘N****, you had your fun. Your whole career you had three and four b******- you had your whole little fun! And I’ve been at home being a good little wife.’

She also added that she would have to be the one to pick the girl.

Followers of The Neighborhood Talk weren’t feeling what Tammy said.


No Tammy…. No ma’am. You do not want that life. Do not play with the gates of hell. You have to be built for certain things, this ain’t one of them. Rebuke it,’ wrote one.

‘She would crumble if he actually gave her one, he saving you sis,’ said another.

Someone else added: ‘He wanna cheat alone.’

While this commentator said: ‘Now Tammy you know damn well you would fold like a chair at a picnic on 4th of July.’

There was one who explained why the artist isn’t interested in bringing another one in the bedroom: ‘I feel like 3 somes are only for women who is secure within their self and and trust their partner to a full extent waka probably don’t wanna do it because he feels as though it would backfire on him Tammy would probably start to get jealous and accuse him of having a thing with the woman outside of their relationship.’

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