Nathan Wade’s estranged wife asks judge to jail him until he pays her medical bills

It seems former Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade might have a cash flow problem. Wade’s estranged wife Joycelyn Wade is accusing him of contempt of court for failure to pay her medical bills.

For three years, Wade lived high on the hog off Fulton County taxpayer dollars paid to him by his girlfriend, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

In November 2021, Willis hired Wade as special prosecutor to oversee former President Trump’s election interference case. Wade filed for divorce from his wife, Jocelyn, the next day.

Wade and Willis later admitted they were romantically involved. Though they claimed the relationship ended before he was hired to prosecute Trump.

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Wade stepped down last month after a judge ruled Willis can stay on the case, as long as Wade departed.

In January, it was reported that Wade had settled his divorce case with Joycelyn.

Joycelyn filed court papers on Wednesday, accusing her ex of failing to pay $4,400 for “urgent” diagnostic tests.

Her lawyer said Wade’s failure to pay her medical bills is in violation of a temporary court order issued in their divorce case in January.

Jocelyn is experiencing possible symptoms of cancer, including abdominal pain, loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss.

“[Joycelyn] urgently requires medical procedures, namely an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound,” according to court documents. The document states Joycelyn requires diagnostic tests “due to severe physical symptoms she has been enduring.”

“These symptoms have significantly impacted her ability to consume most foods, leading to a substantial weight loss,” Joycelyn’s lawyer wrote.

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Joycelyn claims she is unable to pay her bills since Wade stopped paying child support for their two adult children. Due to her illness, she is unable to work and her income is just $1,000 a month.

According to court documents, Wade informed their daughter, a medical student, that he would no longer be paying her rent or medical school tuition.

Wade also stopped financially supporting their son, who is living in Europe.

Joycelyn’s lawyer claims Wade offered to “reimburse” Joycelyn for her medical bills at a later date. However, Jocelyn claims her medical provider will not schedule any appointments without prepayment.

Her lawyer asked the judge to jail Wade until he pays the medical expenses and associated attorney’s fees.

Joycelyn Wade is now a resident of Odessa, Texas, according to the NY Post. Wade remains in their 7-bedroom marital home in Marietta, Georgia.

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