Kevin Hunter Jr’s Spending Triggered Wendy’s Guardianship

Two years ago, Wendy Williams complained that Wells Fargo froze her bank accounts, holding millions in funds that she no longer had access to.

If you recall, Wendy accused Wells Fargo of freezing her bank accounts. She threatened a lawsuit and took her grievance to the media.

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Then Wendy’s guardian revealed that Wendy had dementia and was being taken advantage of by a family member who exploited her financially.

Everyone assumed the family member was her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

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In part I of the “Where is Wendy Williams” documentary on Lifetime, Wendy’s nephew Travis Finnie (right) revealed the family member was her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. (left).

Travis said Kevin Jr. spent over $100,000 of Wendy’s money on Uber Eats alone.


In August 2022, Kevin Jr. was hit with an eviction notice after he fell behind $70,000 in back rent on a $2 million Miami condo.

Kevin Jr wrote an emotional letter to the judge explaining that his mother paid a security deposit and a full year of rent in advance — more than $100,000 — in 2021.

Kevin’s lease expired in February 2022. But by that time, Wendy was under court-ordered guardianship and her funds were frozen in New York City.

Kevin told the judge that he forged his mother’s name on the lease because she was having health problems.

“At her request, I signed the original lease on her behalf,” he claimed.

“As the lease approached the end, my mom went through some health issues that put the court in control of her finances,” he wrote in his letter to the judge.

Kevin Jr. explained that he was a full-time student at Florida International University in Miami, and he was forced to drop out of school for a year.

He added: “All of this happened suddenly and all of the financial support that she always gave me stopped, including my housing.”

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But friends say Kevin Jr. took advantage of his mother. He lived lavishly on her dime in a $2 million Miami apartment. The rent for a comparable apartment in that building is nearly $10,000 a month.

In 2019, Wendy recalled taking her son and nephew to the strip club in L.A. and teaching them how to make it rain.

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“This is not the mother I thought I would be,” she admitted.

“I got the [Hollywood Walk of Fame] star and I was out with my nephew who’s 25, my son who’s 19, and I was just feeling it. And, you know, I was invited to the strip club, and I asked my son and my nephew, ‘Do you wanna go?’ And they said, ‘Yeah.’”

She continued: “My son and nephew hadn’t been before — they didn’t know how to make it rain, they were just dropping ones,” she said. “And, so they brought the platter, over which is money that you give back to the club — you don’t take that home. And I said, ‘Look boys, this is how you do it!’”

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