Mo’Nique’s Husband Claims Before The Comedian Became His Wife, She Was His Little Girl

Mo’Nique’s journey in love has been unconventional. Before finding her true love in Sidney Hicks, she briefly dated a man named Kenny Mung. She was previously married to Mark Jackson, with whom she has two sons. They were married from 1997 to 2001. In 2005, she began dating Sidney Hicks, whom she married in 2006. Sidney has played a significant role in Mo’Nique’s career. The couple shares twin boys, Jonathan and David Hicks.

When the entertainment industry attempted to take advantage of Mo’Nique by requesting her to do free press for the film “Precious,” it was Sidney who advised his wife on her worth and encouraged her to decline those appearances. Mo’Nique went on to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, but the industry’s response was damaging. Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah all appeared to blacklist her.



Sidney has stood by his wife’s side throughout this ordeal, fighting for her just dues. Along the way, they have openly discussed their open marriage. Initially, Mo’Nique asked for an open dynamic because she believed she deserved it as the breadwinner. However, Sidney persuaded her to consider fairness and compromise in their relationship.

Mo’Nique clarified that their open marriage was not solely about sex but also about their strong friendship. They aimed to be honest and transparent with each other, unlike married couples who may be distant strangers. However, they have now decided to transition to a closed marriage, where they no longer invite others into their bedroom.



Mo’Nique cited the changing circumstances in their lives as the reason behind this decision. She values Sidney’s unwavering love and support, and no longer wants to jeopardize their relationship “for a fling.”

Sidney has also shared their relationship’s evolution, mentioning that Mo’Nique has played several roles in his life, including a partner, sister, and sometimes his “little girl.” Mo’Nique concurs with this assessment and credits Sidney with “raising” her over the years, which is why she affectionately refers to him as “daddy.”

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