Reality Star Mama June Claims She Spent $1 Million On Drugs And Is Now Broke

43-year-old reality TV star, a mother, and a wife Mama June has shared details of her severe addiction to drugs, which saw her blow about $1 million in a short span of time on its patronage, leaving her broke currently.

According to the mother of three, she could count herself a millionaire a few months ago; however, she can’t boast of even a dime in her account at the moment because she spent almost all the money on drugs.

Mama June shared her troubling story on The Daily Mail ahead of the new series dubbed “Mama June: Family Crisis.” June was candid and admitted that, at one point, she spent a whopping $3,000 on just a day’s dose of the drug.

Mama June’s drug addiction was so dire that when she realized she was losing her sight due to cocaine, she switched to crack.

Mama June says she’s now broke after blowing more than $1 million on cocaine.

The reality star talked with Daily Mail to promote her new series, Mama June: Family Crisis where she spoke about the years of battling her drug addiction.

“I say that a lot to my husband [Justin Stroud]. I would be like, “Man, why in the hell did I blow all that money?” I am always thinking about that,” she told the outlet. “I think about a lot of things I could do with that money. My husband tells me all the time that I can’t dwell on it. I don’t remember like a lot of that time frame. Just bits and pieces and stuff,’ she stated. ‘But the biggest, stupidest thing I’ve done is spend that much money on drugs.”

Mama June confessed she was using cocaine until it impacted her vision. She then turned to crack.

She says after blowing up to $3,000 a day on drugs, she’s watching how she spends these days very carefully. “Now I’ve gone back to being like penny pinching, and Justin tells me I’m a money hoarder.’

Despite an estimated net worth of $10 million, British music mogul Jamal Edward passed away in 2022 with no dime to his name; allegedly, Jamal blew it all on drugs.

Despite drugs messing up your personal life and relationships, they also mess up your finances in the most drastic way. Fortunately, Mama June is still alive and has a family, husband, and children who support her. She has the chance to rewrite her story for her kids unless she wants to live with their terrible memories.



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