Irv Gotti Responds After Fat Joe Called Him A “Sucker” Over Ashanti Comments: “I Do Not Feel Fat Joe Is My Brother Anymore”

Irv Gotti addresses Fat Joe defending Ashanti after he expressed some heated words towards her.

In his most recent conversation on Drink Champs, Gotti expressed that he no longer considered Fat Joe as his “brother.” This decision came in response to Fat Joe referring to him as a “sucker” due to their disagreement over the fallout with Ashanti following the decline of Murder Inc.

“Fat Joe was my brother. I do not feel Fat Joe is my brother anymore,” Gotti said. “…Once you show me who you are or you speak negatively about me, its over. His defense and Ja’s defense is they do shows with Ashanti, but Rule will never come out and say, ‘Gotti’s a sucker.’”

He added, “Fat Joe said, ‘Oh, Gotti’s a sucker.’ I gotta pull back and regress from that. Because If I was to go respond or anything with that, it could get crazy. He was on some ‘If I’m your brother I should be able to tell you when you’re wrong.’ My thing is like, you don’t know what went on with me and Ashanti.”

Fat Joe strongly condemned Gotti’s remarks following Gotti’s initial appearance on Drink Champs, where he discussed his rift with Ashanti and implied a deeper connection than just friendship. Gotti also touched upon Ashanti’s decision to distance herself from him, while simultaneously boasting about his romantic endeavors.

“She’s done. She’s f*cking done with me,” he said in 2022. “No one’s sitting around thinking… ‘Oh, but she still looks great. You ain’t want her when you seen that last picture?’ I mean this with all respect to women… I get some of the most baddest b*tches you will ever [see] in your life, and they not Ashanti. Black, white, Latina; I get bad b*tches.”

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