Mo’Nique Calls Out D.L. Hughley For Not Defending His Daughter When She Notified Him That Someone Had Violated Her

Mo’Nique calls out D.L. Hughley for not standing up for his daughter but speaking out on everyone else.

For a while now, the two comedians have been exchanging words with each other via social media. The problem between the two stars comes after Mo’Nique passed several insults on stage about his life, family, and the secret implications of his initials, implying he’s secretly gay.

In one of her latest messages, Mo’Nique called Hughley out for not standing up for his daughter. Mo’Nique pulled out an old clip of one of Hughley’s radio interviews. In the clip, Hughley is seen speaking about how he did not stand up for his daughter, who said someone violated her. Hughley added that his reason for ignoring her statement was because he liked the person she was accusing.

“When my husband and I say we have to fight for the little girls coming up behind us & u see, DL didn’t even believe his own daughter over a friend. Because he seemingly like his friend more than he love his own daughter & didn’t want to be bothered by the inconvenient truth.”

She continues, “Watch who stands with this man & your looking at the same ones who will sit down, when you our sisters are being attacked. I find it funny that DL will call out Ice Cube, Kanye, Rizza Islam, Angela Stanton, myself, etc., but he won’t call out the name of the person who violated his daughter.”


Hughley has yet to comment back on Mo’Nique’s claims.

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