Justin Timberlake joked about Janet Jackson’s exposed chest at the Super Bowl

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 01: Recording artist Justin Timberlake speaks onstage at the Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show Press Conference at Hilton Minneapolis on February 1, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

The male singer performed “Rock Your Body”, the song he used to duet with Janet Jackson during the shocking chest exposure on the Super Bowl stage in 2004, in an unsubtle reminiscent way

Justin Timberlake was the main singer performing at halftime of this year’s Super Bowl final. The match just ended a few minutes ago in the US with a victory for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Like every year, equally hot was the mid-match performance.

Should we dig deeper into Janet Jackson’s incident?

The choice of Justin Timberlake is controversial because the male singer was the “culprit” who caused the scandalous chest exposure of his colleague Janet Jackson while singing together on the Super Bowl stage in 2004.

Knowing the public’s interest in this matter, Timberlake did not hesitate to put on a “memorial” performance for the rare accident. He chose the song Rock Your Body , the song he performed with Janet in 2004, to sing after stepping on stage.

Justin Timberlake joked about Janet Jackson's chest exposure at Super Bowl-1
Justin Timberlake had an explosive performance at the Super Bowl. Photo: AP.

In 2004, during the line “Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song” (I’ll make you naked by the end of this song), Timberlake tore Jackson’s shirt, causing her to reveal her chest on television. live image. And in 2018, before this sentence, Timberlake suddenly stopped dancing, waved his hands and shouted “Wait, stop”. Next, he and the dancers continued to dance.

According to the Washington Post, the obvious reminder of Janet Jackson’s accident was Timberlake’s insensitive decision. Because as public opinion knows, the chest exposure incident was the accident that ended Jackson’s career. Since then, her reputation has gone downhill. And Timberlake, the culprit who caused the incident, rose like a kite.

The Washington Post said that there was nothing funny about that incident that caused Timberlake to repeat it with such irony. “Many people have forgotten about it, so is it wise to still joke about it?”, the newspaper asked.

Justin Timberlake joked about Janet Jackson's chest exposure at Super Bowl-2
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson after revealing their breasts in 2004. Photo: CNN.

Commenting on this, audience Elgin Charles wrote: “It’s like adding salt to the pain” and attached the hashtag calling for Janet Jackson’s acceptance “#JanetJacksonAppreciationDay”. “#JanetJacksonAppreciationDay” is also a trend on Twitter in recent days.

Impression comes with controversy

Besides the main controversy about Jackson, through this great opportunity, Timberlake still affirmed his class as a talented performer.

USA Today praised the dynamic and modern performance costumes, including a shirt with an image associated with the single Man of the Woods. Next, was a performance honoring the late artist Prince, who had the best performance of all time at the Super Bowl in 1984.

To sing with Prince, Timberlake chose the song I Will Die 4 U, a song performed by Prince himself in 1984. This is also a song about the state of Minnesota, where this year’s Super Bowl final will be held. Prince’s giant image is recreated on stage using hologram technology. At the same time, the entire city was also covered in purple, Prince’s color.

However, this impressive performance also faced some criticism from Prince’s fans. The reason is that this music legend himself once stated that he did not want his image to be recreated by hologram in the future.

Sheila E., Prince’s former fiancee and longtime collaborator, also wrote on Twitter that Prince once said not to let any hologram projections of him take place. The female artist said that she spoke with Timberlake on the night of February 3 and he promised not to use holograms for this performance, but in reality it was the opposite.

Besides, the choreography in Timberlake’s entire performance was praised by Hollywood Reporter as “excellent” and “there has never been any question about Timberlake’s talent in this area”. The male singer was also praised for taking advantage of the diverse spaces of the Super Bowl stage better than previous performers.

But on the other hand, Hollywood Reporter also said that background music and stadium noise obscured Timberlake’s voice in the first half of the performance. This was only fixed when he switched to singing ballads, from the song Until the End of Time.

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