Asian Doll DRAGS ‘Fresh & Fit’s Myron Gaines For Disrespecting Black Women…”We All Know You’re DL!!”

Asian Doll dragged “Fresh & Fit” cohost Myron Gaines for disrespecting Black women…and the host clapped back calling her broke.

Asian Doll responded to a fan posting a clip of her conflict with Gaines.

“he walked in his bedroom & closed the door peacefully I had 15 people in there behind those cameras & that’s why I gagged him calmly .. we would’ve tore him uppp in his lil condo,” she wrote.



The “Fresh & Fit” podcaster clapped back, “It’s good to see I’m still on Asian Doll’s mind 2 years later..Her flopped rap career and resorting to OnlyFans has her desperate for attention @AsianDaBrattt. While her and her low IQ fans hate I buy real estate.”

Asian then proceeded to roast him.

“Your balding in the middle of your head STILL resort in seeing a Trichologist… & the only fans company is paying us female rappers to join with the cost that can buy your life TWICE.. you invite girls on your podcast just to talk crazy to them & down play them on camera but didn’t have that energy with me cause I had guys with me that would’ve took the remaining hair off your head if you would’ve a lil bit more then talk sh-t out your d-ck suckers we all know your DL you hate women your soulmate is a GUY.”


Written by ceofari

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