Police called Kim Kardashian to WARN her that EX-husband was disguised as a bush in front of her home to do something shady

Kanye West hiding in bush outside Kim Kardashian’s house dressed in a tree?
There is a rumor in town that Kanye West was spotted outside Kim Kardashian’s house dressed in a tree. Is this true or false?

MAITRO on X: "Kanye west was found dressed like a bush outside of Kim  Kardashian's house" / X

We shall explore that in this article.


Ye and Kim K share 4 kids together. Sadly, however, they divorced. Kanye West recently revealed that he wants to reconcile with his ex and that he has plans to get back his family under the same roof.

As it stands, Kim on the other hand has moved on—she has started dating Pete Davidson. But Ye is still confident to win her back.

Well, in recent reports, Kanye is sticking to his aim, as he has bought a house across the street from Kim Kardashian’s current home.

Kanye paid $4.5million for the property – a whopping $421,000 over the listed price – to ensure he wasn’t outbid.

Kanye’s purchase comes after he begged for his estranged wife Kim to ‘run back’ to him at his Larry Hoover benefit concert with Drake last week.

He improvised the line, ‘I need you to run right back to me, more specifically Kimberly,’ during a performance of Runaway.

Is it true that Kanye West was spotted outside Kim Kardashian’s house dressed in a tree?

Kim Kardashian FINALLY SPEAKS On CATCHING Kanye West Hiding In Her  Bushes...!? - YouTube

No! This is not true. It is false news. Nothing of that sort shows. Ever since the news that he bought a house close to Kim, there have been several memes and jokes about it. Let’s just take this as one of those jokes.

Reactions from social media

Even though this is not true, a lot of people believe it.

One Facebook user wrote: “This isn’t funny and I’m scared for her and those babies!! He’s very unstable, I can see this playing out in an OJ Nicole kind of way she need to take other safety precautions like yesterday”

Another added: “Everyone saying “if this is true he needs help. Blah blah blah” WE KNOW THIS. he already needed help. Still needs help. He’s an adult though and will do what he wants”

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“This isn’t even a current photo lol it’s click bait. Also why does Noone question the effect the Kardashians have on not just society but every man they date. They have made body image standards worst, surgeries are the norm to keep up with their aesthetic. They are elitist and trash.

Of course they come off sincere, they are the editors or producers of their own show. The Kardashians are a family that does well by poisoning the well.”, another person added.

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