In past weeks, BlueFace has staunchly denied being the father of Chrisean Rock’s baby. However, a recent heartwarming video shared by BlueFace’s dadr, Jonathan Porter Sr. seems to contradict the rapper’s claims.

In the Instagram post, Porter expressed joy at finally meeting his grandson, Chrisean Malone Jr., a few days ago.


He captioned the post, “Grandpa finally got a chance to meet baby Chrisean Malone Jr. Happy New Year’s, wishing everybody a wonderful 2024.”

Chrisean Rock went live on social media to share her happiness about her son meeting his grandpa for first time, but she also conveyed her confusion over BlueFace’s denial of fatherhood.

“Junior saw his grandad for the first time the other day,” she shared. Despite acknowledging the positive development, she expressed concern about BlueFace.


“[My Son] is being mistreated by his own father, i wonder what God got in store for a [guy] that.”

Last month, BlueFace claimed to have taken a DNA test that allegedly proved he is not the father of Chrisean’s baby. In a social media post, he shared his mixed emotions, stating, “Tell me why I snuck and swab this baby’s DNA test results came in… I am not the father. It’s a bittersweet feeling ’cause I was coming around to it but definitely in my best interest. Thank you, Jesus.”

“I can’t even pretend like im not happy as hell,” he added.


Amidst the publicized paternity drama, Chrisean Rock has openly shared the positive impact her son has had on her life.

“Like he makes me more aware of what am supposed to be aware of. That’s how precious he is,” she said in a previous Instagram live session.

Blueface Claims DNA Test Proves He's Not Chrisean Rock's Baby Father |  HipHopDX

She added, “And it’s crazy because everytine  i am going through something, he don’t cry. He let me cry and he like chilling. Which makes it so easy. he is the best baby ever. I was so scared of being a mom and not i don’t even know what i was scared of. Kids are so precious. They so innocent. Babies are innocent. Kids are really like gifts from the Lord.”


Rock continued, “Everything that’s happening to him is not his fault. “He is the only thing that keeps me true to myself. Ijust think what me and my son going through right now, it’s a beautiful thing because we are not alone. We got God and we got each other.”

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