Bryan Tanaka Confirms His 7 Year Relationship With Mariah Carey Has Ended

Mariah Carey’s ex boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka has released a statement and revealed that he and the singer both agreed to end their relationship.

“Dear friends and fans, with mixed emotion, I share this personal update regarding my amicable separation from Mariah Carey after seven extraordinary years together,” Tanaka begins the message on instagram. “Our decision to embark on different paths is mutual, and as we navigate these separate journeys, we do so with profound respect and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the invaluable time we’ve shared. The memories we’ve created and the artistic collaborations are etched in my heart forever.”


The breakup rumors first began once we got closer to Christmas. On December 18, a report by People magazine revealed that fans were speculating the breakup because Tanaka was absent from her Christmas tour and also that Mariah was spending the holiday season in Aspen where he wasn’t present for the trip either.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka split after 7 years together, dancer confirms

Then another report was released where a source spoke out and said they split because Tanaka wanted children and Mariah wasn’t looking for that. Now in his lengthy statement Tanaka didn’t fully explain why they chose to call it quits, but he did take the time to confirm the rumors. Their bond initially sparked when Tanaka joined Carey’s professional team as a backup dancer. As they spent countless hours rehearsing and performing together, a deep connection started to develop between the two. However, due to Carey’s high-profile status and previous heartbreaks, they maintained a strictly professional relationship initially, keeping their feelings under wraps.

Mariah Carey's ex Bryan Tanaka confirms 'amicable' breakup 'with mixed  emotions'

Despite their significant age difference—Carey is 12 years Tanaka’s senior—the couple embraced their love and let their hearts guide them. Age became an inconsequential factor as they reveled in their newfound happiness. Their shared passion for music, dance, and the entertainment industry only solidified their bond further.However, their journey has not been without its challenges. Public scrutiny and criticism have always been a part of Carey’s life, and her relationship with Tanaka was no exception. Some skeptics questioned the authenticity of their love, suggesting it was merely a publicity stunt or a rebound from her previous failed engagement. But Carey, with her resilient spirit, chose to focus on her own happiness and ignored the naysayers.

Mariah Carey's Ex-Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka Confirms Their Breakup After 7  Years Of Togetherness: "Our Decision To Embark On Different Paths..."

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