Waka Flocka Claims He Divorced Tammy Rivera Cause He Had To Give Up Something, Too Much On His Plate

Waka Flocka Flame recently stopped by the Shannon Sharpe Show to open up about the end of his relationship. The rapper and reality television star and Tammy Rivera were together for years and seemed like a happy couple. Unfortunately, things dissolved between him and Tammy, and he is taking full responsibility for it falling apart.

Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera met in 2011. The two tied the knot three years later, with Waka adopting her daughter Charlie. The duo seemed to be having a blast in their marriage, but some of their drama would spill over onto our television screens through series like Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta and Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.

This included several instances of cheating that resulted in them breaking up in 2016. He later admitted to cheating in hopes of fitting in with his friends.

They would eventually go on Mariage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition in 2019. The couple admitted that their time on the show helped them improve their communication skills and even divulged plans to expand their family. Fans began to speculate something was wrong on social media,

and Waka and Tammy addressed things in their own way ahead of the current season of Waka & Tammy, which also covers their separation. The couple kept things pretty lowkey, and Waka’s mother, Deb Antney, was not too happy about finding out they had split through social media.

Waka and Tammy called it quits after eight years together, with some fans noting that their series brought up a lot of his past infidelities and possibly reignited issues between the pair.

However, both Tammy and Waka have maintained that they are good and not beefing. “We good, we are not together, and that’s cool. We’re good. We’re in good spaces,” Tammy said on an IG live.

Fans hoping that their latest season would shed more light on their split have been mistaken. The two have kept it pretty cordial and have worked hard to not say anything negative about each other. Waka is actively dating while Tammy works on raising Charlie.

During a sit down with Shannon Sharpe, Waka opened up about how difficult it was for him to manage his relationship and career. Shannon asks if maybe all that time in the spotlight hurt them, but Waka admits that he was the real villain. “I was just young and dumb. It was me, man.” Waka opened up about being a brother, a son, a husband, a father, a CEO, a chairman, and several other things while trying to manage the union.

“It was a lot to handle. Nobody understood how something was going to fall short.” Waka says it got to a point in his career where he had to let something go. “I got tired of seeing my wife live with this umbrella over here.” He says that whatever she goes through in life, he’s still there to help. “I ain’t fail at nothing, it was just a lot.”

Fans in the comments commended him for taking accountability, while others think he needs to take responsibility for cheating.

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