Kevin Hunter Looking For Quick Ways To Make Cash As His Link To Wendy Williams Finances Disappear

Kevin Hunter is having a hard time financially. The former Wendy Williams Show executive producer has seen his stock plummet after getting divorced from the shows leading lady. Hunter has been opening up about the hard times ahead for him following Williams leaving her show and putting an end to his alimony payments. Hunter’s struggles have been so bad he’s even been forced to pawn his jewelry.

As Wendy Williams‘s husband, executive producer, and manager, Kevin Hunter, was racking in the dough. While his wife was hyper-focused on her career and media empire, Hunter got busy doing what he wanted off-screen. This included a second life with his mistress, whom he eventually moved down the street from his and Wendy’s home. Following the woman getting pregnant, Williams had a breakdown and promptly put Hunter out. While he was initially awarded some alimony and severance pay, the money dried up once his ex-wife’s health issues made it impossible for her to return to work.

While the money was coming in, Kevin was busy spending it. He started several businesses, including a restaurant and barbershop. He also purchased his new lady Sharina Hudson an engagement ring valued at $80k. Hunter splurged on Williams a bit, too, before their split. While trying to downplay rumors of his cheating, he got his ex-wife a $40k watch. The diamond-encrusted Frank Muller was customized for Wendy. The jeweler claims that Hunter was a regular there and had been a customer for years.

“Kevin comes in and sees Eddie from Flawless for pretty much all of his jewelry needs; I don’t know if he picked up anything else while he was at the shop,” a source told Pop Culture in 2019. Kevin loves things gold, and that same year he dropped a pretty penny on a gold Ferrari shortly after Williams announced their divorce. The vehicle was valued at over $215,000. Hunter also brought his new lady a luxury Rolls-Royce.

With alimony payments gone, Hunter has been forced to go to extremes to make ends meet. This has included him trying to take Williams to court to earn back some of the money he has lost. He claims that his house is up for foreclosure, and their son owes thousands in back rent on his Miami condo since his mom stops footing the bill. Their request was denied and Hunter has been told to get a job.

Hunter is also having to hand over some of those large purchases now since he is no longer on the payroll. Its been reported that he pawned a large chunk of the luxury items to help care for himself and his new family. He was spotted driving his Rolls-Royce SUV to a shop in New York City, where he offloaded a bunch of high-value pieces.

Paparazzi caught pictures of Kevin in the pawnshop with a bag of expensive stuff. It is unclear how much money he got for any of it, but people inside said he was “very animated” while showing off his bling. Hope he was able to get enough money to help with his financial woes.

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