Simone Biles’ Husband, Jonathan Owens, Says He’s “The Prize” & She “COURTED Him”!!

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles had to take her relationship future into her hands – she found and courted the man who she eventually married, Media Take Out has learned.

Tearful Simone Biles admits she’s still scared to do gymnastics after pulling out of FIVE Olympic finals with ‘Twisties’
Jonathan Owens, a football player and husband to the gold medal winner, was interviewed on the Pivot Podcast and told the story on how him and Simone met.

The story seems a bit nontraditional. But this may be the way that “bioss chicks” are required to get goodmen in these times.

Jonathan explained that the two met through a dating app, and that it was Simone who messaged him first.

The football player says Simone “pulled him” and that men like him, are always the catch. Jonathan says that Simone “booked him” and “he was fighting it,” because he was afraid to commit.

But Simone was relentless, Media Take Out learned, and she shot her shot, “if she didn’t take her shot,” it wouldn’t have happened.

Jonathan claims that he didn’t know anything about gymnastics an that he didn’t know how famous she was until they were out and people recognized her.

Then the podcasters started clowning and gassing up Jonathan saying Simone was lucky because she took a chance by messaging him first.

Simone j- appeared to feel a bit disrespected – jumped in and says that she likes what she likes, and in a couple of years, no one will call him Simone Biles husband, they will call her Jonathan Owens’s wife.

The couple have a pretty weird relationship. Here’s a clip of the same interview, she sends him pictures of her doing a split and he acted annoyed and said “bro what are you doing”


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