Comedian Jess Hilarious Goes Viral … Defends ’Real Women’ … Says Trans Women Have Mental Illness!

Comedian JessHilarious just confirmed that it does, in fact, go down in the DM. The 30-year-old recently shared an NSFW story about a celebrity (whom she did not identify) who reached out to her via direct message to hook up thinking the 30-year-old was a trans woman.


Jess recounted the social media interaction while appearing on the Don’t Call Me White Girl podcast, during a recurring segment of the show called “The Dark Side of the DM.”


“It’s a cliffhanger,” she said.

She explained that the celebrity slid into her DMs a few years ago and cut to the chase without hesitation.

“This n***a DM’d me and wanted to fly me out so I could f**k him,” she continued.

“In the ass?” Mona, the host, jumped in and asked.

“Yes,” Jess confirmed. “But not with a dildo. This n***a thought I was a man.”

The comedian corrected herself after, saying the celebrity thought she was a transgender woman.

“He was very direct,” she added.

Mona asked if in another circumstance whether she’d engage in sexual activity with the unknown celebrity.

“Absolutely,” she said without hesitation. “Girl what do you mean?”

According to Jess, trans women are a “fetish” of the anonymous celebrity. She shared that he told her that he loved her qualities that have been traditionally considered masculine — her “deep voice” and “raspiness.”

During the episode, Jess and host Mona talked about the LGBTQIA+ community at length, both noting that they are still learning what language is inappropriate to and with folks in that community.

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