Zonnique Claims Sister, Deyjah Harris Wants Her Own Identity: She Doesn’t Want To Be Known As T.I.’s Daughter Everytime She Tweets

Tiny’s eldest daughter Zonnique is coming to her sister Deyjah’s defense following some nasty comments from trolls. The siblings have made appearances over the years on their families various reality shows, including T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle, currently on hiatus. Today Zonnique took to social media to let people know that her sister is her own person and is working hard to forge an identify outside of the family.

She kicked off her rant letting people know that she is not looking to be anyone’s leader or role model after someone commented that they would be screen recording the live for The Shade Room. “People swear we get on live waiting to be Malcolm X girl bye.” She says while she is not trying to lead anyone anywhere, she wants people to at the very least leave her sister alone.

“Deyjah be so sad. She’s just trying to live her life” she said about her younger sibling. She goes on to say that Deyjah is trying to figure out who she is in the context of her age and age group and does not solely want to be known as T.I’s daughter. She then quotes people who say things like “T.I’s daughter just posted this” as the ones making it hard for Deyjah to be her own person.

Deyjah has been speaking up for herself as well on social media. She is T.I’s daughter but has a different mother. Fans gave her some flack for posting pictures of her mom, so she Tweeted asking them to stop. “man why y’all gotta bring up my pops and stepmom everytime i post my mom? do those thoughts really need to be tweeted/said out loud? why we can’t just enjoy the photos of her without some people bringing my other parents up…. just chill. everyone is happy so it don’t matter.”

Some didn’t feel bad for her. One tweeted “Baby this is Twitter…you better off getting a photo album and pasting your pics there if you ever want to share your memories without unwarranted feedback”, while another stated more logically “Cause your pops is who they relate too mamas. Most of these followers probably don’t really care about you or moms, unfortunately.”

Deyjah is the daughter who T.I famously took to get her ‘check up’ once a year. This revelation was a gut punch to the young woman, who was incredibly embarrassed by her father. While she had him block on social media for awhile, she admits they ultimately came around to some peace. Social media was not over it however, and made the young woman ashamed of her relationship with her father yet again after taking an innocent story she told and making it inappropriate. After receiving negative feedback following her ‘juice story’ Deyjah made a commitment to never speak about her father on social media again claiming, “instead of people focusing on the main part of the tweet they only focused on some damn juice … and then started making DISGUSTING assumptions.”

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