City Girls Rapper Yung Miami Vows To Keep Baby With Boyfriend Diddy If She Ends Up Pregnant

Yung Miami continues to discuss her relationship with Diddy and future plans.

Yung Miami and Diddy are going strong. The hip-hop pairing may have been an odd one at the start, but the couple has become quite an item since going public. Their single “Act Bad” is burning up the charts, and it seems like they are going to continue to live up to the song’s theme of living wild and acting up. Yung Miami is already a mother of two, and Diddy has seven kids, but could the Bad Boy and Girl of Rap be welcoming one of their own together?

Yung Miami and Diddy have an unorthodox union. While the pair “go together real bad,” Diddy has continued to do his own thing despite his relationship with Yung Miami. The rap mogul has been spotted with several other women and even welcomed a child last winter. While Yung Miami seemed to allude to being upset about the surprise baby, it has not completely deterred her from Sean Combs’s side.

So what are the long-term relationship plans for the duo? Both parties have alluded to having fun and enjoying their commitment-free relationship. For Diddy, this means he’s able to date other women while Yung Miami is free to party hard and continue to build her empire. However, when asked if she would keep a child with Diddy if he got her pregnant, Yung Miami’s answer was a pretty easy “Yes.”

Fans are not super surprised, either. “What kinda dumb ass question is that to ask a city girl? You know damn well she gonna keep it😭,” said one person. Another fan chimed in with, “She got pregnant by Southside and kept the baby. Why wouldn’t she keep a baby by Diddy? Lol.”

It’s unclear if this is exactly what the couple has planned next for their relationship, but with this much support from fans, it would not be the oddest turn of events.

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