TakeOff’s Half -Siblings Says His Grandmother, Mom & Quavo Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves, As Battle For Estate Heats Up

Rapper TakeOff has been laid to rest, and some justice has been found in his passing, but that does not mean the drama is over. His family is currently in a bitter battle over his estate, with his mother, father, and Quavo all being called for how poorly they have been handling talks to distribute the money he made in his lifetime.

According to sources close to the family, TakeOff was raised by his mother and estranged from his father. His father has been lobbying to get a piece of the money his son left behind, but many feel he does not deserve it due to not being around.

His side of the family is painting a different picture, though, and claiming that TakeOff’s mother is a “bitter baby mama” and kept TakeOff from his father when he was younger. Some of TakeOff’s siblings on his father’s side attended his funeral and posted on their stories about how the experience was and their final thoughts on their brother, including how disappointed they were in his mother’s side of the family.

The heartbroken sibling paid his condolences to TakeOff on IG, commenting on how the funeral was the first time they had seen each other in years. “I got to see him in person [today], not just on a screen. Never in a million years did I think our meeting up was going to go like this or be for a reason anywhere near this.”

He went on to say his brother looked “beautiful” and that he hoped he is proud of him from heaven. In a follow-up story, he began lamenting about TakeOff’s mother and her family and how poorly they had been handling estate talks.

“Yo mom and grandma and Quavo should be ashamed; I pray foe ya’ll family and hope ya’ll learn the path of righteousness,” he said on his story.

They went on to call TakeOff’s mother bitter and say she kept him away from their family because his father no longer wanted to be with her. Several family members on his father’s side have complained about being ignored and treated like they are not even there.

“Talking to [the] other family won’t help..they petty and holding it over our head that we aint get to know krishnik as much as we wanted…they have [messed] up ways..they do us dirty..make it look like we don’t exist. They know they’re wrong.”

Some fans felt the back and forth was petty and in poor taste, questioned the brother, and asked why he felt putting this information out is even important.

According to him, their family supported TakeOff well before he became a pop star, and his mother never posted any of his songs. Others defended the family, saying they have every right to vent. The brother agreed, saying they’d held their tongues for ten years.

The whole exchange dates back to the week of TakeOff’s funeral, with his brother alluding to a possible brawl happening backstage when the family finally comes face to face. Luckily this never happened. Many people think it is all over money.

TakeOff did not have a will but spoke at length about his mother and how she raised him alone. He was 29 years old when he passed.

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