Stephanie Mills Feels “Joy” Over Viral Riverboat Brawl, Offers Help To Blacks Involved

There comes a time where everyone’s breaking point gets tipped, after being tried one too many times on the wrong day by somebody…or in this case, somebodies. That day came recently for a group of Black samaritans who were just trying to enjoy their riverboat ride in Montgomery, AL. Matter of fact, that was also the day that a group of White dudes learned first-hand what it means to become the poster children for the phrase, “Mess around ‘n find out.”

Welp…fast forward to hours later…and legendary songstress, Stephanie Mills, has more than a few things to get off her chest about the riverboat-beatdown that has since gone viral. And as usual, Ms. “I Feel Good” did not bite her tongue one bit.

Quick Recap Of Riverboat Beatdown

In case y’all missed it, a video went viral this past weekend, showing four White males attacking a Black security guard on a dock in Montgomery, AL, simply because the guard reportedly told them they needed to move their pontoon boat out of the way, because it was already pre-designated for the awaiting riverboat to dock in that space.

Long story short…the White crew jumped the Black security guard in what started out as a 4-on-1 brawl, quickly ballooning into an epic larger brawl. That’s when the White dudes — who thought they’d outnumbered the single Black security guard — soon learned a lesson in (in my Queen Latifah voice) “U-N-I-T-Y…U-N-I-T-Y that’s for UNITY!” Said lesson was taught by the prompt and precise gathering of Black folk – who saw the men beating the security guard – and therefore commenced to running, skipping, and even swimming off the boat toward the dock to come to the security guard’s defense, delivering major blows to the White aggressors in the pontoon boat.

Stephanie Mills Speaks Her Mind


Stephanie Mills — like thousands of others — says she felt nothing but “joy” after watching the viral riverboat beatdown, and she’s even come up with a creative way to help cover some of the legal fees for any of the Black people who were arrested over this fiasco. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“Not sure if you saw this situation in Montgomery, Alabama home of the civil-rights movement. These thugs jumped a black men, who was just doing his job. They thought he was by himself..Boy they got what they came for. My manager @ampharris sent me this because he knows this would bring me so much JoY. I don’t condone violence, however there are exceptions. This is one. I love how he added this song, and now calls the video “A Change Gone Come 2023”. Lol, he called the young brother swimming across the lake a super hero #Aquaman. Listen, I will go do a charity concert for those brothers and sisters to help with legal fees. I stand with us✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

And there ya’ have it I Love Old School Music fam’… Ms. Mills said what she said!! Thoughts?

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