Akon’s Brother Detailed Why He Broke Up With Diana’s Daughter Tracee Ellis Ross

Many know singer, Akon, but his music executive brother, Abou “Bu” Thiam, is kinda like a big deal too. He was the youngest person to become Vice President of A&R for Def Jam Records at age 28, and worked with artists like Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jay-Z, T-Pain and more. Between 2011 and 2013, Bu was in a serious relationship with Diana Ross’s daughter/actress, Tracee Ellis Ross and they were oftentimes seen out together, showing all kinds of affection.

We all thought they were gonna last, especially since he was the only ‘boyfriend’ Tracee has ever gone public with, which made us know it was real. And also because in recent years, Bu left a flirtatious comment on one of Tracee’s social media posts (years after their break-up), telling her that she was “still fine.” In addition to that, Bu also boldly claimed that he and Tracee would “be lovers forever” and will always be in ‘each other’s lives’ in a 2016 interview. But unfortunately, they didn’t last…and in a prior interview with The Breakfast Club (see video below), Bu explained why he reportedly had to end things with the love of his life.

Bu Thiam Explains Why He & Tracee Broke Up

When asked if he was in love with his ex-girlfriend, Tracee, Abou “Bu” Thiam said he was, and apparently still is, in love with her and that any future girlfriend will have to respect that:

“Yeah I was in love for sho.’… Me and Tracee gon’ be lovers forever man. You know what I’m saying? Like, I really do believe that. Me and her have this genuine, unconditional relationship. … And anybody that comes in my life, like, they have to know that and vice versa with her.”

Bu on why they aren’t together:

“I believe that being with somebody…it’s like managing…it’s a real job. It’s a real responsibility. … And she’s in a place in her career that if I can’t give her all of me, I don’t wanna waste- not…waste her time- but I don’t wanna put her in that space. … So why not give her opportunity to find somebody else that can.”

He continued:

“By the way, I’mma be honest, out of all the females that I dated- and not to discredit all the other girls, because I’ve been with some good females in my life- but she has to be one of the most unconditional loving spirited, good people.”

Bu Told His Current Women He Might Go Back To Tracee!



When asked if he tells his current women that he might suddenly them to go back to Tracee, Bu’s reply was priceless:

“They know that (LOL), they BETTER know that. .. I mean, listen, who knows what the future holds…anything can happen at any given moment. So…I just take it for what it is and just allow it to be what it is.”

Not quite sure how far the former lovebirds take that “lovers” title that Bu described these days, but overall, they clearly have deep love for each other. Maybe one day they’ll rekindle that flame.

Trace Ellis Ross Speaks On How She Copes With Being ‘Lonely’


Meanwhile, Tracee is out here living the single life. At least that’s what she hinted to after their breakup. In an interview with Glamour Magazine, she revealed how she oftentimes copes with being lonely and she’s learned to become her own one-person-support-team when down:

Tracce E. Ross: “The key is you ask yourself, What do I need right now? I’ve cultivated a relationship with myself where I know I have choices…. I have a toolbox of ways I can find support; journaling is helpful, or meditation. And I have had to really make friends with loneliness. And know the difference between choice-ful solitude and lonely. [I find comfort in] being able to name it, to say I’m feeling lonely, then to have a tribe of people I feel safe enough with to share: This is how I feel.”

Tracee and Bu might as well get back together –if they secretly haven’t already– because they seemingly made a cool couple.

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