Mom Faces Haters When They Tell Her To Stop Posting Son’s Pictures

If you spend any amount of time online, you are going to probably spend most of it on social media. It is addicting to scroll through your social media feed and to see what is taking place in the life of your friends and family.

Most people enjoy posting pictures of what they do every day on social media. That is especially true of mothers, who share pictures of their children and love it when others share in their joy.

For one young mother named Natosha, sharing pictures brought about a different response. After sharing pictures of her son online, some people began complaining and some were bold enough to tell her to stop sharing them.

Her 1-year-old son, Raedyn has a different type of appearance and sometimes, people don’t understand it. They will even say things that are cruel and criticize her son’s appearance online.

Natasha is accustomed to this happening and she stands up to the haters. She says that she will not give up and that her son’s worth is not defined by his unique experience. She says he is ‘simply perfect.’


Her son has a condition known as Pfeiffer syndrome. That condition, which he has had since birth, can affect his limbs, face, and skull.

Even though he may not look like other little boys, Natasha absolutely loves him and shares pictures because she is proud of him.

Online trolls have really taken a shot at Natasha and the picture she shares of her son. It also is something that isn’t limited to the online world, as sometimes people ask her questions in real life.

They may ask her why her child looks that way, which is rather inappropriate and somewhat forward.


She also says that it can be very tiring when she is in public and finds that people are obsessed with the appearance of her son. She has to explain to them over and over again that her son looks different but he is the same little boy as any other little boy.

She said that her child deserves a life filled with joy and affection and she is willing to fight for it. She also hopes the day will come when the world will learn to accept people with disabilities without judging them by their appearance.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


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