She Was Under The Effects Of Anesthesia When She Proposed To Her Nurse

There are often videos that circulate online of things people say when they are under the effects of anesthesia. In many cases, they are coming out from those effects when they say something unusual and typically, memorable.

The girl in this video is doing something similar, but she is now going under the effects of anesthesia. She is not out, however, she is awake enough that she is talking to the nurse who is sitting by her side.

That nurse, Luke, was sitting by her side and played the part. It seems as if the girl, who had broken her arm and was getting ready to get a cast had fallen in love with that nurse and she was ready to tell the world about it.

She begins by telling Luke how cute he is and says that they will end up being the cutest couple ever. Luke tells her that she would have fun watching the video later, but she doesn’t quite get the point of the conversation.

She continued to tell Luke that she loved him and that he should love her as well. She also said that they were going to get married at the chapel, which probably had something to do with the fact that her father was in Las Vegas at the time.

Luke is playing along and he even tells her that the video would probably go viral. She doesn’t understand, but then she gets a little worried.

Immediately, Luke goes into ‘nurse mode’ and tells her that everything is going to be okay. No wonder she likes him so much!

Before long, she is planning the wedding and even invites someone else in the room to be a flower girl.

We’ve seen a lot of videos of people coming out from under anesthesia, but I think this one is the best.

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