16-Year-Old Student Sacrifices His Life To Save 4 Drowning Kids

When you wake up in the morning, you never quite know what the day is going to hold. Many days will continue as expected but sometimes, the unimaginable can happen.

That was what took place for a 16-year-old boy named Bryce Brooks. He was on vacation from Atlanta in Florida when he saw some children struggling in the water.

It happened in Pensacola and there was a strong current that day. The four young children were signaling and trying to get help, but nobody was coming to their assistance. That is when Bryce jumped in the water.

Unfortunately, Bryce would die in his attempt to save the children. He became a hero, but he lost his life in the process.

The two friends that were with Bryce that day ran to get help from others. It wasn’t long before Bryce was overtaken by the currents and started going underwater.

This tragic event took place just a week after he made the honor roll. His family always knew, however, that he was a hero at heart.

Bryce was signaling the people on the shore but he wasn’t asking for help for himself. He wanted help for the children he was trying to save.

Unfortunately, there were no lifeguards in the area at the time and the yellow flags did not signal that there was extreme danger.

A family friend, Charles Johnson II (Uncle Chuck) jumped in the water to save Bryce. He was a good swimmer but he wasn’t able to handle the currents and ended up drowning along with Bryce.

In the end, Bryce became a hero and his father agreed with that fact. His father said that his son had literally saved the lives of four kids at the expense of his own.

Since that happened, many people have asked how they could assist. They started the Bryce Brooks Foundation to help children with CPR and swimming lessons. They want to teach those children how to save lives.

The fundraiser was able to exceed its goal.

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