Drake’s Home Hit w/ Driveby Shooting … Days After Kendrick LEAKED ADDRESS!!

The Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef just turned violent. Media Take Out confirmed that a man was sh*t today, just outside of Drake’s Toronto mansion.

You’ll recall that Kendrick leaked Drake’s address to millions of his fans – and put out lyrics suggesting Drake was a pedi**ile.

In one of his 4 diss tracks, Kendrick revealed that Drake lives on 21 Park Lame in Toronto

In another song, Kendrick wished death on Drake.

Here’s video from a news report of the incident:

Toronto’s Police Operations account on X announced the news early Tuesday — saying officers were attending to reports of a shooting near the intersection of Bayview Ave. and Lawrence Ave. … which they say occurred around 2:09 AM local time.

Media Take Out learned that a man (or group of men) pulled up to Drake’s home, and started shooting – driveby style. Kendrick Lamar is from Compton, CA – the home of the driveby shooting.

Unfortunately one of Drake’s security team was hit. he qas rushed to the hospital with non life threatening injuries .

The shooting appears to be tied to Drake, as there’s video of officers on his actual property that are starting to float around via local media outlets.

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