10 years ago, Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator at Met Gala

Sunday, May 5, was 10 years since TMZ published the infamous elevator video that shows Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles molly wopping Jay Z at the 2014 Met Gala in NYC.

About a week later, TMZ published the elevator video and nearly broke the Internet.

The shocking video shows Solange angrily slapping, punching and kicking Jay Z as Beyonce observed quietly.

Beyonce’s longtime bodyguard, Julius, struggled to restrain Solange and keep her from destroying Jay Z.

After Jay Z yelled at Beyonce, Solange flew into a rage and punched him again. She was again restrained by Julius. Then they all exited the elevator as if nothing happened.

Paparazzi photos snapped outside the Boom Boom Room showed a disheveled Jay Z tucking his shirt inside his pants. He looked flustered after his ordeal in the elevator.

On the other hand, Solange looked satisfied that she got her revenge on Jay Z for whatever he did to her sister.

Rumor has it that Solange found out Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with his alleged mistress Cathy White.

Sadly, Cathy passed away at age 28 that same year.

Written by ceofari

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