Julia Fox Explains Why Her Experience Dating Kanye West Left ‘Such A Sour Taste’ In Her Mouth

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Julia Fox is definitely an open book which is why it comes to no surprise that she’s talking more about her time with ex boo, Kanye West.The actress recently shared her thoughts on her dating life following her brief relationship with the rapper in early 2022. In a cover-story with InStyle, the 34-year-old Uncut Gems star expressed her frustration at being reduced to just another one of West’s former partners…

Julia Fox Says Acting Prospects Changed After Dating Kanye: 'I'm Not  Getting as Many Offers as I Was Before' | Complex

Reflecting on her month-long romance with the 46-year-old musician and the intense media scrutiny that accompanied it, Fox admitted that the experience left a “sour taste in” her “mouth about dating anyone in this sphere.” She went on to say, “I don’t ever want to just be known as someone’s girlfriend. I know I’m so much more than that. And I feel like that happens so much to women in this industry,” she said. “They’re only as good as their partner or they can make a whole career off being some guy’s partner. But regardless, either way, it becomes their identity.”

Julia Fox Says Dating Kanye West Was a “Reset” to Her Life - The Source

Determined to carve out her own path and assert her independence, Fox continued explaining, “I want to stand on my own merits and not rely on a man’s reputation to validate me,” she asserted. “I’ve worked hard to establish myself, and I’m committed to continuing that journey. Maybe one day, I’ll be recognized for my own achievements.”

Fox and West’s relationship began shortly after his divorce from Kim Kardashian in early 2021, with their high-profile romance coming to an end after just a month. Despite the challenges she has faced, Fox remains resolute in her quest to define herself on her own terms and be taken seriously in her own right.

This is not the first time the entertainer has opened up about her time with Ye. Last year while promoting her memoir, she explained that she refrained from writing about sex with Kanye simple because there “wasn’t any.” She added, “It wasn’t really about that.”

Julia Fox claims there 'wasn't any' sex in brief Kanye West relationship

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