LisaRaye Slams Stevie J For Seemingly Receiving Oral Sex During A Video Interview !

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*There’s a reason why a lot of folks dismiss music producer, reality TV, and social media favorite Stevie J as an absolute jackass/idiot. And a scumbag and pervert. And that’s being kind. Keep reading to see why he’s earned the distinction.Knucklehead agreed to do an interview with Leah A. Henry for Leah’s Lemonade and instead of him doing the right thing like being appropriately dressed and in a dignified setting,  Nope.

He decided to go raw so to speak and do the interview while in bed at Diddy’s Star Island crib. (He apparently likes to do ALL of his business in the comfort of bedrooms.) Anyway, all the while he’s shirtless speaking to Henry from his phone. Now comes the part where he earned his designation as a low-life.

As Henry was about to start the interview, Steebie (as his ex-Joseline Hernandez calls him) requested oral sex from a mystery woman who was in his room while on camera. In the video, he looked away from the camera and said “Yo, come suck me off” to whoever was in his room. Sheesh! That didn’t stop Miss Henry cause like a trooper went on with the interview though and questioned him about being so authentic during his early days on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.


Stevie J (gettin head during intv with Leah A Henry)

As he was seemingly being pleased off-camera, the interview went on and Stevie J. spoke to Henry about Diddy, whom he is working with again, making headlines again after Freddy P. from Da Band accused him of ruining his life. They touched on there being such thing as the “Diddy curse,” which Stevie said he doesn’t believe in.

“That’s their problem,” he said when discussing Bad Boy Entertainment artists feeling like they got the short end of the stick. “You handle your business when you handle your business. I never gave an artist a contract and said don’t talk to your lawyer. Talk to your lawyer.”

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Later in the interview, he goes into the bathroom and Henry jokingly addressed him being naked during their chat. She pointed out how his huge tattoo of his estranged wife Faith Evans, whom he filed for divorce from, was “staring into her soul” and he replied “I’m doing this for my wife.” Once he made that comment, a woman approached him and said something and he replied, “Yes, I’m doing this for her too…Did I ask you for something?” and redirected his attention back to the interview.

Check out the interview below.


And because Stevie j is the perfect person to profile on TV One’s UNCENSORED, look for him to kick off the new season tonight at 10/9c. The episode will also be published on TVOne.TV and TV One’s social media platforms.

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