Solange Knowles’s Son Addresses Leaked Video Of Beyoncé’s Daughter And Rumors That He Is Gay

It seems that the 15-year-old son of Solange Knowles, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., is constantly in the media lately, as the teenager was recently involved in yet another rumor.

At first, the teen’s name was linked to footage of Beyoncé’s 2-year-old daughter, Rumi, which was leaked recently and became viral on social media.

Despite admitting that he was the one that took the video of his infant cousin, Julez claimed that he was hacked, and the clip was posted without his knowledge.

Following the appearance of the footage on social media, Julez shared a message on Instagram Stories, explaining that he never posted the video of his cousin.

However, the teen’s post faced a backlash from users of the popular social media platform, and some people condemned him for putting too much importance on the matter.


Many of Beyoncé’s fans rushed to the comment section to show support. One observer said: “I think it’s more so the fact someone got access to his videos. That’s scary.”

This person explained: “It’s sad this even has to be said. Ppl is so entitled that they think they actually have a right to these ppl lives. It’s her mf children, and she has ALL the authority on how she wants them exposed to the public.”

A third follower explained: “it’s a fact someone posted the baby. The video was innocent, nothin inappropriate. But we know how private Bey is.”

A critic added: “Well, they are celebrities, and that kind of makes us apart of the cycle. I think it’s beyond dramatic. But first world problems.”

Meanwhile, the latest gossip about Solange’s son suggests that he might be gay, and a lot of people have been speculating whether that is true.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Julez addressed the ongoing rumor when one person commented in the chat, “Are you gay?” which prompted the teen to remark, “Why are people saying I’m gay?” and he ended the discussion by stating he was straight.

However, Julez is not the only one in his family that is suspected of being gay, as his mother is also believed to be homose-xual.

Solange was rumored to be involved with Syd, one of the members of “The Internet,” but the theory was quickly shattered by Knowles, who claimed it was not true.

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