Wendy Williams Looks Better Than Ever Before In Video After Kevin Hunter Allegedly Reveals Why He Cheated

Wendy Williams is looking better than ever before in a new video shared to her Instagram. The talk show hostess made a rare appearance where she emerged from her apartment to record a video after Kevin Hunter allegedly revealed why he cheated.

Wendy Williams’ talk show has been on hiatus since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the state to shut down. She tried hosting it from home for a few weeks until she had a health scare and decided that it wasn’t the same.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, Wendy sported her signature blonde tresses, perfect makeup, and a beautiful smile to update fans on what’s going on.

The host thanked essential workers, protestors, and her fans. She also begged people to just wear a mask when in public and around people they don’t know.


As far as when the show will return, Wendy explained that she won’t be doing any more at home segments and that they’ll get the approval to return to production when New York enters phase four of the reopening plan.

Right now, they’re on phase three.

This comes after Tasha K alleged that Kevin Hunter told her the true reason why he cheated on her during their entire marriage and eventually welcomed a child with another woman.

‘He told me, he said ‘Tasha, the reason I cheated is because Wendy never took a day off…I would try to get her to take vacations and then when she did have time off, she [Williams] would be drinking, or doing drugs, and I wanted a wife.’

Wendy ended up leaving the unfaithful man and started dating other men.


However, quarantine has been said to have been getting to Wendy whose only son is in Florida. It’s unknown if Kevin Jr. ever returned to New York to keep his mom company during this scary time.


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