Snoop Dogg And 50 Cent Destroy T.I. With This Photo After He Revealed That He Has Daughter Deyjah Harris’ Hymen Checked Every Year

By the looks of things, T.I. will forever be known as the controlling father who takes his daughter, Deyjah Harris, to the gynecologist once a year to ensure that her hymen is not broken and she is still a virgin.

Both Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent have decided to weigh in on the controversy, and Tiny Harris’ husband will not like this.

Snoop Dogg posted a meme of a woman saying that she is a virgin and T.I. pops up to say, “Lemme see.” 50 Cent expeditiously jumped in the comment section to share his two cents on the matter.


The Power actor wrote: “Yeah, man, the f*ck was T.I. talking about.”

Meanwhile, Deyjah has unfollowed almost all of her family, including T.I.P., Zonnique Pullins, and Tiny on social media.

Fans have been showing love and support to Deyjah as she goes through this humiliating situation.

One person told the 18-year-old college student: “I hope you are having a blessed day! Remember, you are loved by many, even those of us who don’t actually know you. You are a beautiful, smart young woman, and you have so much support! God Bless 🙏


Another commenter stated: “Your mental health matters! Wonderful things happen when you step away from abusive, controlling parents. You don’t need him. You should move out & tell daddy your hymen (sex life) is none of his damn business!”


This follower shared: “Take your power, baby! So sorry that the world knows your personal business without you sharing it. I pray that you find strength in knowing that so many ppl support you. Own the experience and empower young women and educate the men about their misogynistic behaviors. 🦅


This backer explained: “The double standard is disappointing. I mean, whether it is a boy or girl, their virginity should not be policed. If you educate them about how sex affects the body physically, emotionally, and mentally. And establish a trusting relationship with your child; there wouldn’t be a problem. VIRGINITY IS NOT DEFINED BY THE HYMEN!!! It can be turned by daily activities. Mine could be torn right now, and I wouldn’t even know it. I blame this mindset on the education system and patriarchy.this serial cheater weird. and Deyjah keeps liking tweets every other hour abt the situation she seems really sad.”

What are your thoughts on T.I.’s actions? Are you surprised that Tiny and Deyjah’s biological mother, Ms. Niko, stood idly by as Deyjah went to get her hymen checked?

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