La La Anthony Threatens Carmelo With Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Lyrics In Case He Cheats Again — ‘Power’ Actress’ New Photo Has Fans Talking

It seems that Lemonade by Beyonce saved La La Anthony’s marriage, but she is already threatening Carmelo.

The Power actress is a dangerous woman who will not be cheated on again — she has made it clear.

On Valentine’s Day, La La took to social media, and she posted a few sweet pictures where she is hugging Carmelo.

Did La La Anthony DISS Carmelo Onstage at Essence Music Fest?

In the caption, La La told Melo that while she is able to forgive him after he cheated with Mia Angel Burks and had a baby girl, she will not let it happen a second time.

Quoting Beyonce, La La said: “YOU KNOW I GIVE YOU LIFE…IF YOU TRY THIS SH*T AGAIN…YOU GON LOSE YOUR WIFE🎶🎶🐝🐝🐝 I’ve loved you since you were 19 & I will love you forever ❤️❤️HAPPY VDAY MY LOVE ❤️

One person reacted to the story by replying: “So people don’t get divorced for side children anymore. Let me try again she ain’t the first nor last groupie to get pregnant, and the man wants nothing to do with the child. She knew what she was doing, and she got what she wanted a payday. The child is nothing more than an investment. While he’s sent his ig jump off edible arrangements and flowers, be careful La La.”

Beyonce's Advice To La La Anthony: Still Hope For Carmelo Marriage –  Hollywood Life

This critic claimed: “When the humiliation was too embarrassing so now this how you gotta come towards the public. The crazy thing is not matter how much she loves him, no love for a daughter could take that place in his heart. that is why I love Ludicrous wife Eudoxie; she treats Cai like her own.”


A supporter shared: “I’m really trying to figure out why so many black women are so obsessed with trying to clown celebrity women for forgiving (and in some cases marrying) men who may have been unfaithful in the past. Many of these same women run through umpteenth million relationships that go sour for any number of reasons themselves, but because they’re not in the public eye, they think they can judge. Stop calling women stupid and worry about who wants you. Get your internal together and worry about who and what you attract. Leave LaLa alone! She SAID What She SAID! Ain’t that the type of year y’all said it was?!✨ Lemonade saved her marriage. Yeah, fight for ur love keep people out ur business.”

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Many are hoping that the pair will save their marriage and avoid future scandals.

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