Teyana Taylor Accuses Ex Iman Shumpert of Having Female ‘Friend’ Sleep Over on His Weekend With Daughters

Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert Had Female Sleep Over on Weekend With  Daughters

Teyana Taylor doesn’t like that her estranged husband, Iman Shumpert, had a female “friend” over one weekend he spent with their kids.

According to Radar Online, Teyana filed documents asking for a child psychologist to testify on the lasting effects of things like this on young minds.

The incident apparently happened several weeks ago when the former NBA star was spending the weekend with his daughters Rue, 3, and Junie, 8.

Teyana accused Iman of having a female companion, claiming she saw the woman on FaceTime with her daughters.

Teyana Taylor Didn’t Like Iman Shumpert’s Female Companion

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor revealed that daughter Junie expressed confusion when she saw her father sharing a bed with the woman.

Teyana insisted that her ex only spends two weekends and a few Fridays with his daughter each month, so he shouldn’t bring another woman to the house on those days.

She added that Iman doesn’t know how much his actions affect their daughters, so she wants a child psychologist to testify.

Teyana Taylor filed for divorce from Iman in January using only the pair’s initials, which kept the divorce private for months before Teyana officially announced it.

Teyana considers Iman irresponsible with their daughters as they “are not fed properly” when in his care.

Teyana Taylor

She also insists he has a “reckless disregard for the safety and well-being” of the girls.

“[Iman] asks for significant time with the parties’ minor children, but then leaves them with his parents or others for a majority of the time requested. [Iman’s] interest in the parties’ daughter is more like his chance for photo opportunities as opposed to [Iman] providing true parenting and care for the girls. [Teyana] further shows the Court that when [Iman] gets angry, he is irresponsible with the girls.”

Teyana Taylor wants primary custody and support, blaming Iman for not paying her a cent since their split.

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