Keyshia Cole Gives A Glimpse At Her Post-Pregnancy Body In New Photo While Showing Love And Support To Mary J. Blige

Keyshia Cole is glowing after giving birth to her second baby boy in a new photo that has surfaced online. The singer showed her post-pregnancy body in a cute and fashionable camouflage-inspired outfit.

Keyshia kept her pretty curls under a cap and had perfect makeup on that she completed with bright red lipstick.

It is the first time the diva gave a glimpse at her snap-back body, and she stepped out to show love to Mary J. Blige, who had a concert.

One fan told the Oakland artist: “Never lost your touch, still look amazing as ever❤️❤️❤️❤️ love ya Kesha.”

Another commenter stated: “I use always cry over you, Gorgeous. I love your hair.”

This person revealed: “So now she’s 12? What’s with all these gorgeous black ladies aging backward like Benjamin button? I’m just a lil white raisin.😫


It has been around two months since Keyshia and her boyfriend, Niko Hale, had their first child together, and things seem to be going quite well between the two of them.

Reports indicated that Keyshia had to deliver via C-section, but the whole operation went through smoothly and without any complications.

In the end, the talented singer and her partner are now able to enjoy life as parents and have been gushing all about it on social media.

The two have been somewhat private about their lives, but at the same time, they have made it clear that this is one of the happiest moments for both of them.

Many of their fans have already chimed in to congratulate the pair on their first child, wishing them a successful life as parents, and possibly even more children down the road.



However, for now, it looks like the two are taking things slowly, and do not seem to have any plans to expand their family too much.

In fact, they have given various indications that they are very dedicated to their son right now, and are going to give him everything they can to ensure that he gets a proper upbringing.



The two have indeed shown that they have excellent potential to be amazing parents, and fans are eager to see the first photo of the baby boy and to learn his name finally.


For now, things might move slowly and beautifully around them on the public front for some time, though.

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