Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Using Weight Loss Drug Mounjaro After Reaching 300 Pounds: ‘I Couldn’t Breathe’

Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Using Weight Loss Drug Mounjaro After Reaching 300 Pounds: ‘I Couldn’t Breathe’

TV personality Whoopi Goldberg is the latest celeb to come forward with a weight loss drug testimony.

The actress admitted to using the diabetes drug Mounjaro recently, explaining that she needed it to help her shed some weight after hitting 300 pounds.

Whoopi Goldberg reportedly shared her experience with the drug during a recent interviewThe 68-year-old explained that doctors prescribed her the Type 2 diabetes medication at the time because she started struggling with her breathing. She stated:

“You remember what I looked like during Till? [Mounjaro] was the only way they could jumpstart my system.”

The EGOT winner went on to state that her metabolism was having difficulties rebounding after she had been taking steroids following back surgery. As Goldberg mentioned, her appearance is certainly much different now than it was while she was promoting the 2022 film Till. During an episode of The View earlier this month, the actress first revealed she started using Mounjaro after realizing that her weight was compromising her health.

Whoopi Goldberg

Explaining that she initially didn’t see a problem with the way she looked, Goldberg stated:

“It’s never been an issue for me because I don’t listen to what other people say about me, so it has never been a problem.”

She added:

It was a lot of weight for me to be carrying, and I didn’t realize how much weight I was carrying… it didn’t look strange to me, and then I couldn’t breathe.”

Goldberg went on to state that like many of her fellow entertainment colleagues, she’s glad she discovered the drug and is not ashamed to admit she’s used it. As we recently covered, billionaire powerhouse Oprah Winfrey is another big industry name that admitted to using weigh loss drugs recently. The media maven even hosted a special with ABC where she championed and spread awareness about the use of the drugs.

Prior to the special, Winfrey came under fire as some criticized her “hypocritical” support of weight loss drugs due to her also being a stockholder and board member of the fitness and lifestyle brand Weight Watchers, which promotes natural weigh loss through diet and exercise. She has since stepped down from her position at the company, later citing “the appearance of any conflict of interest.”

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