Method Man’s Wife Tamika Smith Majorly Drags ‘Miserable’ Wendy Williams For Lying About One Night Stand With Her Husband!

A couple of days after the talk show host claimed publicly that she and Method Man had a one night stand in the past, the rapper’s wife responded, calling her out for such a statement! Tamika Smith, who has been married to Method Man for no less than 20 years, suggested that Wendy Williams has a really ‘unhealthy fixation’ with their marriage!

Method Man's Wife Tamika Smith Speaks Out About Wendy Revealing A One Night  Stand With Her Husband

It is safe to say that Tamika is not at all happy about Wendy’s claims.

As you might know, on January 29, during a radio interview, Wendy dished that she once ‘smoked a blunt with [Method Man] while [she] gave him a bath.’

She went on to clarify that they had a ‘one-night-stand’ after she invited him to her apartment when a fight broke out at the club they were at together.

In response, Tamika called her out via a statement released by The Shade Room and other outlets: ‘For years, I kept my silence while Wendy launched verbal attacks against my husband, myself and our family. In the past, I just ignored her lies, her innuendos and her blatant attempts to provoke us. When I was diagnosed with cancer some years ago, Wendy shared my medical information with her listeners on air during her live radio broadcast.’

For that last one, Tamika stressed that Wendy Williams never apologized, nor did she express any kind of ‘regret’ since!

Method Man's Wife Brands Wendy Williams A "Miserable B*tch", Says "No  Plastic Surgery Can Fix The Ugliness Inside Her" - That Grape Juice

As for her latest claims that she had a one night stand with Method Man, his wife stated that Wendy Williams ‘has proven again and again she is incapable of decency. Her obsession with our lives has truly reached a new low. And I am tired of taking the high road. Her husband has abandoned her, and the ratings for all her projects are down. She is desperate for attention and she is trying to use my husband’s popularity to get her name trending. How sad that a woman who once was revered in the entertainment industry has now reduced herself to a tabloid side note and a circus freak!’ Yikes!

No amount of plastic surgery can fix her ugliness - Rapper, Method Man's  wife, Tamika Smith blasts Wendy Williams for saying she had one-night stand  with her husband - NewsNow Nigeria

Tamika went on to stress that her marriage with Method Man is actually ‘solid’ and so is his career, as opposed to Wendy’s, who she called the ‘most miserable b***h on the planet!’

What do you think about this clap back?


Do you believe Wendy that she had a one night stand with Method Man or not?

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