Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Wants Back Pay From Her Checks And Retirement Fund

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter has filed a new motion to get back pay from her checks and retirement fund.

The motion says that Hunter was cut-off from his court-ordered support checks in 2022, although Williams had agreed to a severance pay when they got a divorce in 2019. However, it was paid out since the media host was placed under guardianship by Wells Fargo.

WENDY WILLIAMS' ex-husband, KEVIN HUNTER, is seeking two years of missed divorce  payments from her guardianship

“I have not received my severance payments since January of 2022, which Plaintiff is required to make pursuant to the Matrimonial Settlement Agreement…This is an emergent matter because I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses and having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly,” Hunter’s motion claims.

He continues, “Therefore, I respectfully request that the Court require [Wendy] to immediately pay all severance payments which may be due and owing at the time of this Court’s Order.” Hunter went on to say that he tried to resolve the matter privately with his ex-wife’s team a few times but was unsuccessful.

Wendy Williams' Ex Kevin Hunter Denied Future Alimony Payments

“Since October 2021 I have tried to resolve this issue in multiple ways including previous motion and mediation, with no cooperation from the Plaintiff. As a result, I had no choice but to file this motion in this matter…I would not have had to file this motion if the Plaintiff did not stop my severance payments and if the Plaintiff would have signed the Qualified Domestic Relations Order for the SAG-AFTRA Retirement Plan,” he said.

Kevin Hunter is currently seeking two years of back pay of severance checks that he has not received.

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