Tamron Hall grills Larsa Pippen, 48, about dating Marcus Jordan, 32

Tamron Hall grilled guest Larsa Pippen about dating Marcus Jordan who is 16 years younger than she is.

Things got awkward when Tamron, 52, pressed Larsa, 48, about dating Marcus, the 32-year-old son of NBA legend Michael Jordan.

“Are you guys in love?” Tamron asked.

“Um, I think so,” Larsa said. “We’re in a really good place. I feel like a lot of people think that we’ve known each other our whole lives – which we have not.”

Tamron reminded Larsa that she is 16 years older than Marcus. “So that’s not possible,” Tamron laughed.

Larsa said she and Marcus met at a party four years ago and they were “friends” before they became lovers.

“We’re both from Chicago, so I feel like we have a lot in common – a lot of common ground,” Larsa said.

“Other than the [Chicago] Bulls, what do you have in common?” Tamron pressed her.

“We have a lot in common,” Larsa said, defensively. She seemed annoyed by Tamron’s probing questions.

“I’ve dated guys that were a lot older than me. Scottie is 10 years older than me,” she said, referring to her ex-husband and Bulls great Scottie Pippen.

“So, I don’t really view age as you’re mature or immature. I don’t feel like that determines if you’re mature or not. I feel like if you can drink at 21, then you can go to war at 18. You know, there’s different circumstances that I feel like age doesn’t really determine your level of maturity.”

Watch the video below.

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