Ms Robbie Montgomery Announces Sweetie Pies Is Officially Closing It’s Doors, Effectively September 25th In Upper Crest

The verdict has finally come back in the case of Andre Montgomery, grandson of Ikette and Welcome to Sweetie Pies star Robbie Montgomery. In a decision that shocked no one, it was confirmed that Ms. Robbie’s son Tim Norman is to blame for the insurance policy scheme that claimed the life of his nephew. Now that her son has been found guilty, it appears Ms. Robbie is looking to shift away from her restaurant to deal with the reality of his crimes and how it’ll impact their family.



Tim Norman’s plan to have his nephew taken out and claim on an illegal insurance policy he took out on him fell apart due to his overzealous nature in trying to cash in so quickly after the 20-year-old was gunned down. It’s reported that Norman and his insurance agent Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam did not file the policies properly and applied for several, making them clear suspects immediately. They also involved an exotic dancer and local drug dealer, who both came clean as soon as they got arrested.

Norman was the only one claiming his innocence, and his mother backed him 100%. In several interviews, she alleged that people were trying to beat him down and not allowing him a chance to prove that he did not do this. Unfortunately, she was very wrong and has been quiet ever since the verdict came out.



While she limited the comments on several posts, she did take to social media today to reveal that her restaurant will be closing to make way for a hospital development in the area. Their final day will be September 25th. While the timing seems to allude to the verdict scaring business away, the post appears optimistic. In the image, Ms. Robbie thanks people for 25 years and says she hopes to serve them again in the future. In the caption, she said, “Thank you all so much for the many years of support❤️.”

The comments were filled with loyal patrons thanking her for years of good food. “Thank you all for your service to the community and contributions to positive, effective, and strong businesses in our communities. You all truly set a standard. Thank you!” said one person. Another said, “This sounds indefinite…praying for peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Much love to you and your family.”



The expansion claiming Ms. Robbie’s property is part of a billion-dollar project in St. Louis. “The massive project would rank with the new $1.7 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency campus as one of the largest-ever federal infrastructure investments in the St. Louis region,” said a report in the St. Louis Business Journal. They report that the project is a “massive redevelopment” just north of the Grand Center Arts District. The investment is drumming up hope that the struggling community north of Delmar Blvd will see a boom in new activity “to help try and improve things.” Over in her story, Ms. Robbie reminds fans that they still have a Jackson, Mississippi, location that fans can visit.

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