Jacky Oh’s Surgeon Dragged After Going Online To Promote His Business, Ignoring Her Death

Following the tragic passing of Jacky Oh during a mommy makeover procedure, her surgeon, Dr. Zach, has finally spoken out. Dr. Zach, a Miami-based cosmetic surgeon, had maintained a low profile on social media after reports of her death emerged. Now, he is attempting to address the situation and clear his name, although many fans are upset that he hasn’t offered a proper apology.

In a statement from his official social media account, Dr. Zach addressed all his past, current, and potential patients. He emphasized his commitment to providing the highest quality medical care, stating that all aesthetic procedures are conducted in a hygienically safe environment adhering to universally recognized medical standards.

Dr. Zach further stated his dedication to advancing techniques in the field of plastic surgery and his team’s effort to ensure each patient is thoroughly vetted. However, his statement did not mention Jacky Oh or the details of what went wrong during her procedure.

Fans reacted with skepticism, questioning Dr. Zach’s intentions. Some wanted a clear apology and suggested boycotting his clinic until one was issued. Others with medical knowledge pointed out that surgical outcomes can vary, and unforeseen complications may arise even with the best care.

The statement from Dr. Zach leaves many unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding Jacky Oh’s tragic passing during the procedure.

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