Kandi Says Her and Todd Recently Allowed Another Woman To Join Them In Some Fun

Kandi Burruss is opening up about what goes down in her bedroom. While her band member Tiny Harris has gotten more flack for inviting third parties into her marriage with T.I., Kandi has no shame around it and recently discussed it openly during an episode of her Kandi Koated Podcast.

While reading a viewer’s statement claiming that “threesomes never work,” a tickled Kandi laughed and responded, “They work just fine.” While her co-host Dj AONE shook his head in disapproval, Burruss says that the key to healthy threesomes is communication. “It worked great, actually!” Dj AONE continued to judge her and questioned if her and husband, Todd Tucker, are still currently having other people in their bedrooms.



“Nah, we can get off that,” she said, trying to change the subject before laughing and saying, “It don’t be all the time.” Dj AONE then asks, “You and Todd f*** hoes? Do you currently, or was it something you did early on in your relationship?” Kandi then asks him to clarify if his question is in regards to “randoms,” meaning random women. “Ya’ll do randoms, or ya’ll too famous for that?” Kandi finally answers, saying that while it was not happened often, it has happened within the last six months. “I’ll just leave it at that.” They then share a laugh around if “out of town” counts when picking people to sleep with.

Fans in the comments were split on their thoughts, with many wondering how Kandi and Todd’s families must feel about this information being public. “I wonder what Mama Joyce be thinking. I know she got an opinion on everything 😂,” said one fan. “UR DAUGHTER IS WATCHING,” said another.


Several years ago, Kandi opened up and confessed that she did not think her husband would be on board with male partners coming in the room, so it’s possible they are only including women these days. At the time, she said her only turn off would be if the woman was a celebrity. Kandi has been very open about sexuality and has a line of sex toys that she toured with several years ago with her Welcome to the Dungeon burlesque show.

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