Lamar Odom Dragged After Claiming Going From A Kardashian To Karlie Redd Is Like Going From Sugar To Sh*t

Words are powerful. Maybe somebody needs to tell Lamar Odom that.

Things took a left turn in the Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd relationship, or situationship saga. The two recently got involved in a heated back and forth on social media, all stemming from a tweet that Redd shot out seemingly directed towards Odom.

It seemed like just the other day that the speculations began to arise that the pair were a new couple. The former Lakers star and the Love and Hip Hop reality star were spotted on a few occasions together, sparking romance rumors. Odom denied that they were anything but friends.

“We’re friends. Really good friends, getting to know each other,” Odom shared to Wendy Williams in an interview. Throughout the interview, Williams would continue to probe and see whether Odom would slip up and tell if he were truly romantically involved with Karlie, and he would continue to insist that he is “still single.” However, pictures of two looking very cozy together on red carpets, and Karlie accompanying Odom to press conferences for his recent fight said differently to the Internet.

Enter Karlie Redd, whose last known relationship was with businessman Maurice “Arkansas Mo” Fayne before he was arrested and charged with federal bank fraud. After a heated exchange between herself and Wendy Williams, a video shared by The Shade Room showed Karlie Redd revealing in a recent interview that she was “single” but “dating one guy exclusively.” She then expresses that she’s “dating Lamar Odom” in the clip.

Once again, Lamar Odom denied that they were dating, hopping into the comment section of The Shade Room‘s post to clarify it to all fans who were inquiring. “I’m single AF!!! I’m not dating anyone,” confirmed Odom. The LHH star also commented and with a clarification of her own. “I’m not dating “Him” [Lamar Odom] guys. That interview was super old.” She then promises the blog that she would reveal who she is dating to them in a separate picture. Fans didn’t believe her though and hopped in the comments and label the exchange “embarrassing.”

Social media users immediately began to shift their way of thinking from them being a legitimate couple to alleging that their pairing was merely just for optics. Following this, Karlie sent a message on Twitter that many fans believed pertained to her “relationship” with Odom.

“It would have never worked because He Needs Rehab Not A Relationship or A Situationship!” she tweeted. Her tweet scared many fans who felt that Odom could have potentially relapsed. Karlie attempted to explain in The Neighborhood Talk‘s comment section that her tweet was directed to another situation and that everyone was assuming that she was addressing Lamar.

“I repost quotes all the time but [you] take this one to repost SMH,” she wrote. “Everything is not always about me.” Fans didn’t believe her then, either.

Lamar caught wind of the comments made by his “good friend” Karlie Redd and did not take too kindly to her statement. Odom has been in the news a lot recently thanks to a bitter custody battle and continuous accusations from his ex, Liza Morales. Seemingly having had enough of the drama, the former husband to Khloe Kardashian had some words of his own.

He begins his message with claims that the reality star will do or say “anything to say relevant” before addressing the “nonsense” brought forth by Karlie Redd. “Listen me being in recovery is no secret,” Lamar wrote. “I’ve made some amazing strides and I no longer do drugs #FACTS but I do need rehab. I need to be rehabilitated from my attraction to TOXIC, BITTER, UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with women who need therapy more than they need me!

He continued, “Now I’m not going to go low like you’re doing, take jabs, tell lies because at the end of the day I was married to a Kardashian so anything less than that is like going from sugar to s**t.” His message was concluded with a few hashtags, including one where he labels himself “The First Black Kardashian.”

Odom might have had people riding with him until he suffered from “foot in mouth” syndrome. Many fans took his words and surmised that his saying that going from Khloe to Karlie was “like going from sugar to s**t” felt insulting to Black women.

“I was with him till he basically called black women s**t and he’s the Black Kardashian,” wrote a fan. Another commented, “I’m sorry did he just compare going from a white kardashian to a Black woman to SUGAR & S**T?!?!? That’s really the analogy he wanted to make?”


“Not “I was married to a Kardashian”… sir that ain’t it. Doesn’t make you higher,” another wrote. “Ummmmmmm is he seriously pulling the kardashian card while speaking to a woman of color,” commented another. “Y’all not even married no more my guy soooo what was the reason? ANYWHOOOO Karlie know damn well she wasn’t reposting no damn quote.

Karlie also had a comeback for Odom. Taking to social media once again she writes, “Leave me alone?? Don’t need you to be relevant! I was on TV before I met you! Tell your manager stop Posting S**T for you. [You’re] not a real manager!! Pay me all the money you owe me!!!! PAY ME MY MONEY OR LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!”

Lamar came forward recently to share that he will not be responding to any more allegations that are false, and that he will be referring everyone to their lawyer in the future.

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