Nelly recently made hints that he and R&B singer Ashanti want to have more children together, which led to rumors that their relationship is getting stronger.

The couple got back together and showed how much they cared for each other over the weekend when Ashanti surprised Nelly with his childhood dream car, a 1962 Chevy Impala, for his 49th birthday. Ashanti threw a surprise birthday party for her, and family and friends came to join the fun.

One fan, who liked the couple, told Nelly in the comments, “Get her pregnant @nelly [laughing emoji] TONIGHT.” After the idea, Nelly jokedly accepted it and said, “I’m on it.”

Nash has two biological children from a past relationship and two adopted children. Ashanti, on the other hand, has not yet had a child. She said in an Instagram Live video that she is thinking about having kids next year, but she stressed how important it is to find the right person and time for such a big choice.


On her Instagram Live, Ashanti said that she wants to start a family but hasn’t found the right person yet. Fans had mentioned Nick Cannon as a possible match, but Ashanti made it clear that having kids is a choice that needs to be carefully thought out and timed just right.

When Ashanti and Nelly talked on social media before, Nelly may have been talking to Nelly, she said that she was ready to start a family but was waiting for her “homie” to do the right thing. The singer said again about her plans for the next year, “I want to have kids next year!” I hope homie does the right thing! I’m “fallingforyou.”

Nelly and Ashanti are still figuring out how to be together, and their fans can’t wait for their love story to continue and for the couple to possibly start a family soon.

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