Sweetie Pies Former Chef Calls out Ms. Robbie, Says She’s Is In Denial: “She Knows Her Son Did It”

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s has been off the air for a few years now due to controversy in connection to its cast.

to open all these restaurants. Tim would have been set.”


Chef John says Ms. Robbie knows that Tim is the one responsible and is in denial. He thinks she needs to come to terms with what happened and feels like she has been covering up for Tim for a long time. Chef John recalls a story when Tim attacked a male waiter at one of their locations. Ms. Robbie paid the man to not press charges on her son. “She paid him!” he says. They described Tim as a bully and a user who took advantage of his mother and his staff for his own selfish gain. “His thing is, he thinks he smarter than you. If you going the way he wants, then you’re good with him. Ms. Robbie couldn’t stop him from treating other folks bad the way he was doing. She is sticking by her son. That’s what she did all her life. It’s like she ain’t got no choice now. She’s going to stick by her child till the end. Ms. Robbie already knows what’s going to happen. This man’s about to do life and some change.”



While Ms. Robbie did pay off the worker in the incident mentioned by Chef John, she was not successful in stopping another person Tim assaulted from going to the police. In 2018, he put his hands on a chef over a pay dispute that resulted in him being locked away. News outlets reported, “Tim Norman (real name James Tim Norman) was booked into Harris County Jail on August 23. He was released the same day after posting $500 bail. His arraignment is scheduled for August 30.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Chef John opened up a bit about Ms. Robbie and some of her business practices. According to him, she was not very kind to staff either and used to charge them full price for meals eaten at the restaurant during their lunch breaks. “Ms. Robbie just trying to run a slave camp,” he recalls. Tim is currently in behind bars awaiting his sentencing, while Ms. Robbie has largely remained silent since the passing of Andre Jr. Hear the full interview below.

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