Tristan Thompson Slams Estranged Father Trevor for ‘Abandoning’ Disabled Brother as NBA Star Fights for Permanent Guardianship of 17-Year-Old

According to court documents obtained by, this week, Thompson and his legal team presented more details in court after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge requested additional information.

Last year, Thompson was appointed temporary guardian of his brother months after their mother Andrea died.

Amari was diagnosed with epilepsy and other medical conditions that require around-the-clock support. Since Andrea’s passing, Tristan said he has been taking care of his brother.

Tristan has been attempting to be named permanent guardian of Amari but the court has yet to grant his petition – due to the judge asking for more information.

In his paperwork, Tristan explained “Amari is a minor and has medical conditions that render him unable to take care of himself or seek gainful employment. Appointing a guardian for Amari would be in his best interest because it would ensure that someone would be responsible for providing and fulfilling his basic needs.”

Tristan said Amari is set to inherit $114k from their mother and he wants to invest it for his brother. In addition, Tristan said as guardian he would enroll his sibling in school, ensure he had the proper healthcare, and it would allow him to travel internationally with him.

“Tristan has been taking care of Amari since their mother died in January of 2023. Tristan has ensured that Amari has made of all his medical appointments, has had all of his basic needs met, and has provided him with a quality of life that none of Amari’s other living relatives can meet,” the petition added.

In the new filing, Tristan provided more details of the relationship with his estranged father Trevor Thompson. Previously, the NBA star said he had no contact with Trevor and did not have an address for him to serve him with notice of the hearing for guardianship.

Tristan informed the court he still doesn’t have an idea of his father’s whereabouts. In addition, he said it would be “contrary to the interests of justice” if Trevor was given notice of the hearing.

“Before Andrea Marie Brooks, the proposed ward’s biological mother, died on January 5, 2023, she obtained sole custody of [Amari] in July of 2014. Trevor Douglas Thompson was ordered to pay child support to Andrea Marie Brooks as a result of the same proceeding which granted Andrea Brooks sole custody,” the petition read. “Since then, Trevor Douglas Thompson has effectively abandoned the proposed ward; he failed to pay any child support despite the court order and has not been in contact with the [Amari] or Andrea Marie Brooks since July 2014.”

Tristan said, “[Trevor] has done nothing to support or raise the proposed ward since then and has relinquished all rights to have any say in the proposed ward’s care.”

In his declaration, Tristan said, “Trevor Thompson, a Canadian citizen, is my father and the father of my minor brother, Amari. Amari and I have not had any contact with him since his separation from our late mother in 2014, and contact was minimal prior to that date.”

He added, “My only contact with Trevor Thompson in the past nine years was a brief interaction when he appeared at my mother’s funeral. I have no knowledge of his current or recent whereabouts.”

Tristan said he hired legal professional to track down his father, but they were unsuccessful. Tristan asked that he be approved as guardian without his father showing up to court.

As previously reported, on top of his fight for guardianship, last month, Tristan was suspended 25 games for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program. He reportedly tested positive for banned performance enhancers, ibutamoren and SARM LGD-4033.

We wish Tristan the best in this endeavor.

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