Mo’Nique’s Eldest Son Shalon Claims She Doesn’t ‘Care’ to Be His Mother

Mo’Nique’s estranged son Shalon Jackson cleared the air on their relationship after her interview with Shannon Sharpe last week.

Shalon is Mo’Nique’s son by her second husband, Mark Jackson.

In a previous interview on David Banner’s podcast, Mo’Nique took the blame for the fractured relationship with her eldest son.

Mo’Nique admitted she put her career above her duties as a mother.

“There was a time that when he was a little boy, I wasn’t interested in being a mother,” she said.

“I was interested in being a star and I was interested in being famous. And I wasn’t interested in being a wife. I was interested in taking pictures and red carpets, and signing autographs, and traveling the world, so I really didn’t put the focus in.”

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When Shannon asked about Mo’Nique’s current relationship with Shalon, she said, “We’re still very much separated.”

“And it’s one of those things where you have to pray to the universe and say, ‘Let time do the healing,’” she added.

“And that’s it. That’s it. Let time do that healing. It may heal it in time and it may not. And that’s something that we as parents have to say, ‘Listen, I’ve done what I can do.’ I’ve taken accountability for it. Now, it’s up to you. That’s like someone saying, ‘Shannon, I want to apologize to you.’ Now, it’s up to you whether or not to accept. But, once I give it to you I’ve done my part.”

According to RhymeswithSnitch, Shalon responded to his mother’s comments in a TikTok video.

Shalon said Mo’Nique lied when she told Shannon she prays to the universe for a reconciliation with her son.

“My mother and I both know that is a very false narrative. And I would like to free her of having to continue telling that lie,” he said.

“Faith without work is dead. And neither one of us cares to put forth any effort to reconcile with the other. We are separate – as she put it – because she doesn’t care to be my mother, any more than I care to be her son.”

Shalon said fame and money aren’t worth more than your children.

“I do appreciate my mother for showing me what the top of the mountain looks like,” he explained.

“It gave me a perspective on what hard work and dedication can get you. But I don’t want something like that at the cost of giving up something that I created.”

Watch the video below.


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