The 6-year divorce process between actress Tichina Arnold and her ex-husband DaRico Hines is finally over.

Tichina Arnold is happily divorced, and we’re not talking about the TV Land show she did with “The Nanny” star Fran Drescher. The actress and her ex-husband, DaRico Hines, are finally divorced, but what does life look like for Tichina Arnold now that she’s back on the market? One thing is for sure: after six long years, the star is glad the nightmare is finally over.

Rico Hines, who is the same person as DaRico Hines but goes by a different name, is a coach for the NBA. He was born in Greenville, North Carolina, and has worked as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors, the Sacramento Kings, and the Toronto Raptors, where he works now. Tichina Arnold met Rico Hines when he was an assistant coach for “the Red Storm basketball team at St. John’s” University. They started dating right away, and the actress told Essence that it was a “good relationship” that God gave her because she “deserved it.”

In September 2012, Tichina Arnold and Rico Hines got married in a ceremony in Honolulu. People says that the couple at the time said their vows in front of 70 of their closest family and friends. Arnold would be getting married for the second time. Her first marriage, to Lamon Brewster, ended in 1997. Tichina Arnold gave Rico Hines a report on their marriage after they had been married for two years. The Martin actress told Essence, “Marriage is HARD, but it’s good.” She also talked about how “happy” she was.

Tichina Arnold said that because they both have busy schedules, there are times when their marriage is like a long-distance romance. The star said that sometimes it makes things hard and “testy,” but she said that everything was fine.

Two years after her talk with Essence, the news came out that their fairytale marriage was over. People said at the beginning of 2016 that Tichina Arnold had asked Rico Hines for a divorce. But soon, the world would find out the bombshell about Rico Hines, which ended up being the reason why they couldn’t stay together. It was said that Hines cheated on his girlfriends all the time, and Tichina Arnold told PEOPLE that she could no longer trust her ex. She told him that they tried to get past his past mistakes. But “when it becomes a pattern, then it’s no longer my problem,” the actress said.

Tichina Arnold found an adult tape that showed her husband having an affair with another woman while they were married. Sister 2 Sister Magazine says that Arnold then sent a group text to people he didn’t name, but who were probably close friends and family of the couple. The text said that the couple had broken up. The video and Tichina Arnold’s questions about what he did were in the group text. “This is where I end things, and you can’t count on anything else,” the star wrote. Charlamagne’s “Donkey of the Day” section on The Breakfast Club was also about Rico Hines. But at first, it was said that the pair was getting a divorce in 2016, but TMZ found out that Tichina Arnold actually filed in 2021. The court papers make it clear that they split up in 2016.

After being apart for years and waiting for the courts to decide, they are now officially divorced. A story from TMZ says that as of July 15, 2022, Tichina Arnold is no longer with anyone. How does that affect the actress? How does she feel about being single? Tichina Arnold told PEOPLE in 2017 that she was doing “great” after the breakup. But she also said that as a single woman, she doesn’t know what to do. “How sad. Tichina Arnold said, “I don’t even know what to look at or what I’m into.”

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