Cardi B threatens to sue Twitter/X user who claims Offset cheated on her again

Cardi B is threatening to sue a Twitter/X user who claimed that her husband, Offset, cheated on her again.

On Sunday, Aug. 20, Twitter user @ayywalker claimed Offset was unfaithful to the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. The Twitter/X user shared an image that’s supposedly Offset.

The post also contained audio of the rapper allegedly trying to arrange a meet up with a woman.

“Offset has allegedly cheated on Cardi B once again. How embarrassing,” the Twitter user captioned the post.


It’s no secret that Offset has cheated on Cardi B in the past. In fact, she caught a charge in New York after she sent her goons to assault two female bartenders at a Queens strip club. Offset reportedly had a one-night stand with one of the bartenders.

Cardi B pled guilty to third-degree assault and second-degree reckless endangerment. She was sentenced to serve 15 days of community service.

Maybe that’s why Cardi was so sensitive when another cheating rumor surfaced about her promiscuous husband.

Cardi B took to Twitter/X and left a since-deleted voice note threatening @ayywalker and his father with legal action.

She also claimed the photo and audio of Offset were AI.

“So you guys are gonna receive a letter from his lawyer. Because all these little games that you guys wanna play online – it’s gonna be over with,” she said in a sinister voice.

She added, “Make sure you have fun explaining that to your father, babes. Because you’re gonna be getting sued, and we’re gonna make an example out of you. Yeah, and that was a terrible AI voice, by the way. So, yeah, bye.”

The mom-of-two won a $4 million judgment in a defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Latasha Kebe (Tasha K) for slandering her good name in a series of malicious YouTube videos.

Cardi recently sued Tasha K again to prevent the debt from being reduced or discharged in bankruptcy court.

Listen to Cardi B’s audio below.

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